Irpin embankment

One of the favorite places of rest for the residents of Irpin is the city embankment along the Irpin River. At any time of the year, you can comfortably and civilly spend your leisure time here with family or friends. There is everything for this: equipped beach areas and special places for fishermen, a wide pedestrian area, bicycle paths, gazebos, tables, benches, children’s playground, a large five-meter barbecue.The real highlight of this place is the legendary bridge over the river that leads to the forest, which is called a small copy of the “Green Bridge” in Budapest and the bridge in San Francisco.

Irpin embankment was officially opened on August 19, 2018. The initiator of the creation of the embankment was the mayor Volodymyr Karpluk, who shortly before its opening signed the authority of the mayor. It runs along the Irpin River from Stelmaha Street to the railway bridge. In the autumn of 2019, the second part of the embankment was officially opened, namely from the railway bridge to the bridge in the village of Romanivka, which connects Irpin with the intercity highway P-30.

In 2020, a sports complex of training grounds was opened on the embankment – fields for football, basketball, volleyball, and a complex for strength training. In 2021, dozens of competitions were held here. The embankment has become a favorite place for the start of bicycle marathons and children’s bicycle races. In September of the same year, the largest outdoor skate park in Ukraine was opened here, which attracts fans of extreme sports from all over the region.

In the coming years, the embankment is planned to be extended in both directions – to Stoyanka and to the 6th line – and it will become the largest embankment in Kyiv region for walking and cycling.

Address: str. Podhirna