IRS: Meeting with Amazon’s VP of Public Policy

The IRS team held a meeting at Amazon’s office with Vice President of Public Policy, Shannon Kellogg. Shannon Kellogg leads public policy efforts in support of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) business in the Americas and has extensive regional and international influence.

At the meeting, IRS representatives met with the AWS team, including AWS Government Sector Policy Manager Alla Goldman Seifert, AWS Government Sector Digital Innovation Lead Amita Mathuria, and AWS Government Sector VP of Technology and Innovation Domenica Delmolino.

During the event, Shannon Kellogg gave comprehensive answers to questions about the development of technology and innovation to solve the most complex issues of the government sector. The IRS expressed its gratitude to Amazon for the time given to the meeting and hopes for further cooperation.

Special attention was paid to the importance of providing access to modern information technologies and digital solutions to improve the work of government bodies and meet the needs of the population as part of the reconstruction of Ukraine. The IRS expressed hope for future collaboration with Amazon to create the “Irpin Smart City” in partnership with Gensler.

The meeting ended with an exchange of contacts, and the IRS expressed its hope to see Amazon among the companies in Irpenya Industrial Park and looks forward to further cooperation to achieve common goals in the field of innovation and technology for public welfare.